Bobby Lehew is all you could want in a professional speaker – dynamic, charismatic, interactive and inspiring. Bobby is a branding expert and practitioner, and delivers action-oriented, interactive seminars that give attendees how-to items they can start using when they walk out the doors. At our shows, Bobby is one of our highest-rated and go-to speakers; he regularly packs the rooms and offers practical, real-world solutions to help our members grow their businesses.

- Nicole M. Rollender, MASI, Executive Director, Professional Development, Advertising Specialty Institute

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Bobby is one of the most dynamic, thoughtful and thought provoking speakers in the marketing field today. His presentations are meticulously planned out and delivered. He connects with the audience in an authentic way. His content challenges people to think differently about the conventional truths we have come to accept in marketing. I have had the pleasure of attending Bobby’s presentations over the years where he’s consistently forced me to think outside the box. What makes Bobby so compelling as a speaker is that he is able to combine his experience as a marketing practitioner with his ability to think at a 30K foot level. This makes him approachable and inspiring at the same time. A rare combination.

- Mark Graham, Co-Founder and Chief Platform Officer, commonsku

Dan Pink said that the real purpose of a pitch is to invite people into a conversation. Same can be said for speaking. Taking a cue from Montaigne, the 16th century philosopher, speaking is a way to interject oneself into the greater conversation we are having as a culture, positing ideas sometimes so bold that, on occasion, what is said can only be received ‘ by way of discourse, and nothing by way of advice’. Montaigne continued, ‘I should not speak so boldly if it were my due to be believed.’

Montaigne was wrong. His essays, written in the 16th century, are still widely read today. Apparently, it was his due to be believed.

The topic one chooses to speak on is not merely the culmination of a concept; it’s the beginning (or continuation) of a rich dialogue. Proust stated that ‘for the author [speaker] they may be called Conclusions, but for the reader [audience], Provocations.’

Some of the best talks I have heard were provocations: a launch pad for a new mode of living. Intelligent discourse spawns ideas and the best talks provoke action. Famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma once said this about public performance (e.g., speaking):

The greater purpose is that we’re communing together and we want this moment to be really special for all of us. Because otherwise, why bother to have come at all? So it’s not about how many people are in the hall. It’s not about proving anything. It’s about sharing something.

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