Machines and Gods

I believe that the difference between the indigenous world and the industrial world has mostly to do with speed - not about whether one world needs to have ritual and the other doesn't ... it appears that the indigenous world looks while the industrial world overlooks. Indigenous people are indigenous because there are no machines between them and their gods. There are no machines barring the door to the spirit world where one can enter in and listen to what is going on within at a deep level ... the indigenous world, in trying to emulate Nature, espouses a walk with life, a slow, quiet day-to-day kind of existence, The modern world, on the other hand, steams through life like a locomotive, controlled by a certain sense of careless waste and destruction. Such life eats at the psyche and moves its victims faster and faster along, as they are progressively emptied out of their spiritual and psychic fuel. 

- from Ritual: Power, Healing and Community by Malidome Patrice Somé (emphasis mine)