It's Respectable to Be Greedy

From a beautiful series of  Seneca's works published by The University of Chicago Press:

Though all the brilliant minds that have shone over the ages agree on this one point, they could never adequately express their astonishment at this dark fog in the human mind. No one lets anyone seize his estates, and if a trivial dispute arises about boundary lines, there's a rush to stones and arms; but people let others trespass on their existence - or rather, they go so far as to invite in those who'll take possession of their lives. You'll find no one willing to distribute his money; but to how many people each of us shares out of his life! Men are thrifty in guarding their private property, but as soon as it comes to wasting time, they are the most extravagant with the one commodity for which it's respectable to be greedy.

-Seneca, Hardship & Happiness